Biblical Foundations Course

"The Bible exists to make us wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ" (2 Tim 3:15)

The Bible is not just an historical document or religious textbook; it is a book inspired by God that is able to bring us into a relationship with Him, through Jesus. It is not always easily read cover-to-cover on your own but it is perhaps best learnt when it is read and taught together. Our hope is that by engaging with the Bible together we will allow it to shape our lives. The course will be taught over a series of three terms and last one year. There are no costs, and no need to commit to the full year. Just come along and try it out. As you arrive, grab a tea or a coffee, and we'll get stuck straight in with some classroom type teaching from the front, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss issues as we go along. We'll end the evening with a short prayer, or some worship together.