The Alpha Course

28th February 2020, Jan-Apr 2020

You are invited to Alpha for a time of great food, even better conversation and talks that make you think!

We're planning to run the Alpha course again this year starting January 2020!  Alpha is a great opportunity to think about life and faith, centering on the person of Jesus and the claims of the Christian faith. Any question or objection is encouraged - we want the course to be a place to honestly discuss the big issues of life. The sessions run as follows:

  • We have food together
  • We watch a short high-quality video presentation to spark discussion
  • We break into smaller groups to discuss things raised

That's it! There's no pressure to sing, pray or stay and there's no charge!  You can finish the course at any time but we're pretty confident you will enjoy it, so why not give it a try this year?

We have two courses running at the same time:

  • Wednesday Evenings (7-9.30pm) beginning Jan 15th
  • Tuesday Mornings (9.30-11.30am) beginning Jan 21st

To register for either of these courses online for free, simply visit our eventbrite page and follow simple steps to register:

Register at

For more information contact Mike:


St Michael's Church

The Alpha Course