100 Years of History of St Michael's Church

This is an original cutting of the advert placed in the Southend Standard to publicise the new church-in-a-tent.





The picture shows St Michaels clergy in 1912. Seated is Rev Hugh Morrison Rose, the boss being the only one apparently allowed to look at the camera. To his left is the Rev Hugh Hutchings, our first curate-in-charge, called up in 1914 and who never returned. He did survive the War, being awarded the Military Cross. To the right is the Rev Shaw, who moved to another parish.








The tent was well equipped. It had lino on the floor, a harmonium to sing with, and a solid brass cross, candlesticks and vases. Much of what is in this picture still survives somewhere in the church.

The tent was placed near the spot where the church hall now stands, beside Leigh Road West (now simply Leigh Road). While services were being held in the tent, the Church (now the Church Hall) was being built behind it. Leigh Road West had yet to be made up, even though the Leigh Trams ran along it.